A Typical Day of Climbing:

apex gearing up

Gearing up with Apex

Upon booking, you will receive a complete itinerary outlining the specific details your great adventure. Here is a sample of how our days are structured, what you will learn, and other important details you will need to know.

9am is our usual meeting time at a designated location at the park. We base our climbing location on size of group, day of the week, experience, and type of adventure. You will be emailed these details when you book! Click here to find a map with all meeting locations. 


Apex provides the finest climbing gear. Your guide will ensure that your gear is your size, effective, and comfortable (except for the shoes maybe, but those are supposed to be uncomfortable). You will receive a harness, climbing shoes, a helmet, and a belay device. There is no extra charge for these items as they are considered standard for climbing.


After the gear shuffle, we will pack our bags and enjoy a hike to our climbing destination. Hikes usually last 10-20 minutes. Your guide will tell you about the natural history, the special rock, and other interesting climbing and Devil’s Lake history.


You will get to your location and your guide will explain the top rope set up, how it works, and safety features. Your guide will familiarize your group with the surroundings, explain any hazards, lay out guidelines for the day, and get you climbing!  You will then get to climb, learn how to belay, and enjoy a laid-back day outside.  This is your day and you call the shots!

At about 2:30pm, you will have had many successes, worked your mind and muscles, and enjoyed many smiles. Your guide will call last climb, begin clean up, and pull the ropes down. You then get to bid farewell to the purple quarzite cliffs and enjoy a casual hike back down.

Thank You!

After “de-gearing” you can plan the rest of your time for exploring the local area or the park.  Don’t forget to cool off after your day by taking a refreshing swim in the lake. There is a good chance that you will want to enjoy some food and drink in the area, so make sure to ask your guide, the local expert, where the best eatery is in Baraboo.

Refund Policy

**Cancellation of an outing due to weather or acts of nature is at the discretion of Apex Adventure Alliance. You will be given 24-hour notice and every effort will be made to reschedule your outing for a more opportune time. If rescheduling is not an option, we will work with you to refund your money.  Any adventure canceled by the client within 48 hours of a scheduled visit can be rescheduled or refunded 50% to be used before the end of the climbing season.