Top 5 Natural Attractions at Devil’s Lake

There are many amazing sites to see at Devil’s Lake.  Lynn and I have done extensive exploring and for the past five seasons, I have very much enjoyed much of “The Lake.” Here is my top 5 list of my favorite natural attractions at Devil’s Lake State Park.

5. A fish out of water.

Grab your license (for purchase at most gas stations in Wisconsin), a tackle box, and your pole.  Fishing is a great relaxing way to enjoy the lake.  If you are lucky, you will land a big one and have a nice catch for dinner.

path4. The south beach on a week day.

Stop at the lake for less crowds and a beautiful serene beach on a week day.  Evenings are also prime time to enjoy the quietness the lake has to offer.  Of course, any time is the right time to swim, so jump in and splash around. Note that this activity is especially awesome after a day of climbing during the Summer!

3. Balanced Rock Trail meets East Bluff Trail.

Take the Balanced Rock Trail up the bluffs.  Check out Balanced Rock on your way up, a naturally occurring rock formation.  Keep hiking until you reach Devil’s Doorway, also a natural rock formation.  Both have great views and are iconic to Devil’s Lake.

2. A 360 degree view from the middle of the lake.

Take to a boat or raft to gain access to the middle of Devil’s Lake.  This spot will not disappoint one bit.  You can get a more full view of the extravagance of Devil’s Lake State Park.  Can you name the different climbing areas?

1. The view from the top!  View From the Top

Of course, this list can’t be complete without noting that when you reach the top of a climb, there are wonderful, unique views.  No matter where you climb at Devil’s Lake, when you reach the top, look behind you.  Don’t miss seeing Lake Wisconsin and the Wisconsin River from the CCC and Baraboo from the middle of the West Bluff.

Enjoy all these wonders of nature close to home.  And you thought you needed to head westward… let me prove you wrong : )

– Jill

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