Apex provides superior instruction in snow sports from beginners to advanced ski and snowboarders.


1. It’s cheaper

Private instruction via Apex is much cheaper then the resort, especially when you consider the level of certification of your teacher. If you’re considering taking lessons out west we urge you compare prices. Why not learn and improve your skills here in the Midwest.

2. Better Instruction

At a resort you get who ever they have available. You may get a 14 year kid who is teaching for the first season or you may get someone who has been teaching for 15 years. With Apex you are guaranteed a highly certified and experienced instructor whenever you want.

3. Your Convenience

At a resort you have to wait in line to sign up for the lesson, then you have to wait for the lesson time, then you have to wait for the lesson “line up” and your lesson to start. At Apex all you have to do is give us a call and your instructor will meet you wherever you want whenever you want.

4. It’s better for the instructor

Apex provides better pay and conditions for the instructors. It’s common for resorts to pay less then minimum wage and to jam up to 45 kids in a lesson.