First Day Fun

First Day of the 2014 Climbing Season For Apex Adventure Alliance was Friday April 11th!

I love it! Tank top weather by 10 am. Soon after that the clouds came in and it rained intermittently during my four-hour outing. Typical Wisconsin spring weather! Fortunately, the rain did not diminish the wonderful time my clients had enjoying the climbing at Devil’s Lake. As a guide, you can’t ask for anything more.

My clients, John and Michael, are father and son. They are preparing for a trip in May to Devil’s Tower and wanted to get some real rock climbing in before their trip. It was there second time at Devil’s Lake and both of them crushed the five climbs I set on Pork Chop Buttress. 13- year old Michael had the most delightful smile all day (which isn’t that common, according to dad!

Their confidence was high after the their day with Apex. I left my new friends for the day with promises of keeping in touch and sharing their photos from their trip to Devil’s Tower!

Thanks John and Michael for awesome start to the season!



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