Adventure Rock Opening in June

20160525_104409 (1)You’ve probably heard by now that Adventure Rock is opening their second climbing gym in the heart of Milwaukee. We’ve got some insider details about the long-awaited space.

Measuring in at 43 feet at its tallest the space features ample climbing with uniquely featured walls that are a work of
art. The all-inclusive pro-shop offers everything down to a micro-nut. They will have a workout area for off-the-wall training and also a separate party space for birthdays and special events. Of course, they have all of the upgraded amenities such as large locker rooms and showers. Best of all, the space is amazingly bright, well thought out, and of course, has that friendly AdRock feel.  Craig Burzynski, General Manager states “150 routes, 210 boulder problems, 4 cracks, and 1 really good time!”IMG_0458

Adventure Rock JuneJoin them in celebrating and get excited. Here are some of the features and events surrounding the opening.IMG_0459
June 13-17 Soft Opening for Members Only
June 18th Grand Opening for All

Win awesome prizes (like the gift certificates we are giving away for outdoor climbing) and have some fun.

They are currently offering a pre-opening membership sale. They have all of the details here.  Also a perk is that their membership will work at both locations for no additional charge.

Adventure Rock always does a spectacular job in everything indoor climbing related and the new gym is nothing different.


Adventure Rock June

Adventure Rock Bouldering Wall

Adventure Rock, Opening June 2016!

Screaming Barfies

Despite these 70 degree October days, we are in high-grip season.   535320_633143528714_957226645_nThose calloused pads get so numb we can’t tell if the rock is tearing them apart.  Our digits get so numb that “sharp holds” don’t exist anymore.  Our hands get so numb that the skin literally tears right off and we don’t notice until blood runs down our hand.  And cuticles, forget those…

Our hands will be so numb, that when they warm up again, we won’t know if we should scream or barf.  And ladies and gentlemen, that is the definition of “Screaming Barfies.”

For the full experience, why not make it a story of your own and come out to climb this fall or ice climb this winter. : )

Fitness for Climbing

As we know, climbing can be done as a casual and exciting recreational sport.  After we get the itch to climb on a regular basis, we end up wanting to jump in full force and start to train.

Did you know your core and balance are key to making those incredible climbing and bouldering moves?  A great way to make the transition toward training more specifically for climbing is to join a climbing specific fitness class.

Our partner Adventure Rock just began offering classes that are designed to raise your fitness level­ to supplement to your climbing.  Hosted by trainer Garrett Stangel, the class combines sports conditioning, crossfit, and climbing. A typical hour-long workout includes dynamic warm­ -ups, strength training with weights, kettlebells, slosh pipes, and body weight, as well as drills and games for agility.

Garrett  is wonderful at individualizing the work­out to your body and has alternative movements if your are recovering from an injury. I just attended my third session and can already feel the benefits! As an added bonus, Garrett adds nutrition tips for a better recovery and strength building.

For more information on fitness for climbing visit Adventure Rock’s website.  Also, don’t forget to train for a purpose!  Use your fitness training outside on our new Bouldering Trips

Hope to see you on the rock or at the gym soon!

Lynn Mallach