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General Climbing Etiquette

  • Pay attention when walking at Devil’s Lake.  It is exceptionally easy to trip yourself up here and the rocks are slippery.  Walking is the most dangerous part of the day!

  • Use good judgement.  This is very important!  Since no ropes are being used, you, as the climber, have your own fate in your hands.

  • It is your responsibility to make sound decisions. Think about things before you do them.



  • Don’t climb higher than you are comfortable falling.

  • Check out your route before you begin.

  • Don’t flail your arms or kick your legs when you fall.

  • Communicate with your spotter about their duties.


  • Spotting is a hands on activity.

  • If someone is falling cleanly, don’t over­spot.

  • A spotter can be used to keep a climber away from an unsafe object, such as a rock.

  • Try to pad the landing, and if your climber falls, try to guide them on to the pad.

  • Set up your landing to be as flat and safe as possible.

  • Look for potential dangers and try to protect your climber from them.

  • If using more than one pad and they are next to each other make sure there are no gaps in them.


Don’t destroy plant life.

Pick up garbage, even if it’s not yours.

Absolutely do not deface the rocks or trees… or anything for that matter.

If you “tick” a hold make sure to erase it when you are done.

Make sure to have fun!

There are just some Bouldering Safety Tips