Anchor Course

Learn to confidently set your own top-ropes. Participants will learn about climbing gear, knots, natural features, passive and active gear, equalization, master points, and more. Advanced systems will also be introduced.

Dates: June 24-25, August 12-13


Intro to Trad

Find out why Trad is Rad. Learn to place protection on lead, set up a top belay, and bring up a second. It is a full day! Prerequisites: Confidence in anchor building.

Dates: June 17, July 16


Rappel Clinic

Learn some tricks to help you be more comfortable and manage your risk when lowering yourself over the edge.  This clinic will also explore some unique ways to rappel that might come in handy some day!

Dates: July 22


Additional Details

For Adventure Rock Members Only!
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Prior to your adventure, we will follow up with you based on weather, group dynamics, time of year, etc. to choose the best climbing location for your group or you.